Attn: Ministerial Media Whistleblower, please make contact urgently New free articles, The QBF

This is an unusual public appeal for the Whistleblower who sent the message I referred to in this article to urgently make contact again – but not on your Government computer, phone or tablet – do it from home or an internet cafe after hours.

I need just a little more information about the claim you made in the second half of your message.

Given that it was a quite a while ago and you used our “Off the Record” form to send the message I’ll remind you of the claim:

Someone who is no longer working in the Government media office was in fact doing something controversial that the Premier insisted was not happening at the time. I’m sure that’s enough to jolt your memory!


Anyhow, if you are able, please point me to something or someone I can use to corroborate your claim.

But please don’t break the law or jeopardise your job.

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